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I will never purchase from Currys ever again

We purchased a LG Washing Machine, advertised as the quietest washing machine EVER.

It was not! it cost upwards of £450 and vibrated on spin like it was about to fall through the floor. We called LG in the first instance, they advised that thsi washing machine was not really designed for a wooden floor! WHAT? No mention of this on Currys website. We in the end purcahsed the rubber feet that they recommeded at a further £50 - no change to teh vibration.

We then called Currys, spoke Customer Services to explain situation. To a very long story short they fobbed us off between LG and them, saying they did nothing wrong and we as the buyers were responsible for reasearching if our floor was suitable. We told them we want to send the machien back because we coudl not use it in the flat, we asked for a replacement. This went back and forth with various different people getting involved, each time advising us to contact LG. When we stated it was our right to send it back with 28 days regardless, they told me that as soon as I received and signed for the washing machine that right was gone.

I asked for someone in the legal team to contact me, no one calls back and instead they write the same crap on email about the rubber feet. In teir final email correspondance they told me I can keep emailing them but they will no longer repsond.

I am now writing a review everywhere I can to highlight what an appalling company they are.

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