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Good Product, Bad Customer Service

Unfortunatly it hasn't let me enter the correct order ID so I have had to attach it to antoher of my orders from myprotein.

Having previously bought myprotein product before I decided to go ahead and order another 2.5kg of Impact Whey. No big deal I thought. I ordered it with a tier of shipping that would get it to me within 2-3 Days. Excellent as I had just finished my last batch of a competitors, more expensive protein.

So I ordered it on Sunday and i'm ill off of work on monday and tuesday and find it has been delivered to my work on tuesday, which is as I requested. Good. So I roll into work thursday with my shaker in my bag all excited to finally get some sweet sweet gains. I open up the box and what do I find? Impact Whey? No.

Instant Oats. My gains will have to wait for another time.

I send a support message into the order center and two hours later still no response. So I figure I better ring them out to find out what the deal is and how we can get this sorted. So I phone up and someone answers, I explain my situation and i'm presented with two possible options.

1. I pay for the oats and they send me the protein. - I didn't want any instant oats and at this point in time I don't really have the money to afford extras like this so I ask for the next option.

2. I send them back the oats as is and once they receive receipt of me sending it back to them only then will they send me my protein.

Now you are probably thinking, it's no big deal, just send the oats back and get the protein. Right? Well I even had to ask about getting my original shipping refunded as there was no mention of it in the conversation up to now. I mean, I paid for 2-3 day delivery and i'm obviously not going to get what I already paid for in this time. I was told that they would 'look into it' for me. Flabbergasted that such a simple thing as refunding something I didn't get that I paid for and receiving no other type of compensation I decided to just ask for a refund for the whole order.

Now I am just waiting to here back from them after I lodged another support ticket asking about when I am going to get my money back. Unfortunately I will never be using myprotein again as I am willing to pay more money for a different brand that I know I will get GOOD customer service at.

So yeah, order from them, just hope nothing goes wrong else you won't ever again.

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26 March 2013

Reply from Myprotein UK & Ireland

Hi Alex,

I have replied to you through your account.
Please feel free to contact me if you need any help.

Thanks Jeanette,

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