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One star because I couldn't choose no stars.

In short, they were rubbish.
They may have a fancy system on there that allows their computer to send you texts to update about your parcels status but at the end of the day that's irrelevant, whats the point of knowing your parcel is due before 9PM if the lazy driver can't be bothered to actually attempt to deliver leaving you with a message saying "sorry we couldn't deliver, we left you a calling card" and when you ring the driver up they say things like "no one was there", so you ask wheres my calling card then as you didnt leave one? to which the reply was "oh sorry different person, i couldn't find your address". What idiot can't use a satnav or a map and look at a house number? The drivers are liars and lazy, if they dont have any other parcels for your area they simply dont bother delivering yours. Mulitple times now I have had to contact customer services as the drivers phone is turned off and no attempt at delivery was made. I encourage any company reading this to move your service to anyone else and any person reading this, boycott any company who use these.

"Here comes the revolution. With creative thinking and a cheery smile, we’re changing the way your parcels are delivered." - Quote from the website, just to let you know Yodel, not delivering parcels is not a good change to make for a courier company.


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