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A Fiasco!

We made the mistake of ordering a bed and mattress which was a fiasco from start to finish.

We received an email weeks after ordering stating that our order would be delivered on a certain day.

I took a day off work to await the delivery. The mattress arrived, the bed frame did not arrive. The delivery driver assured us that it would be delivered separately in a day or two (and by the way was reluctant to help to move the mattress).

I emailed the company to check when it would be delivered. I received an email back stating that the bed had been discontinued but offering no explanation as to why I had not been told this. We reluctantly agreed to a cheaper alternative cheaper bed as we were promised next day delivery and my mother was due to stay and needed to use it. This time my wife took a day off work to wait for the delivery on the agreed date.

By 3.30pm it had not arrived but assured me that it would be delivered by 6pm.It didn't. I tried ringing but they had gone home so I emailed him instead as I could get no reply.

The next day I had expected someone to phone or email me first thing but it was not until I phoned them later in the day that they said they would try to find what had happened to the bed and get back to me. We Are Beds phoned later to say that the bed was now elsewhere in the country and that it would take the rest of the day to get it back and that it would then be delivered on the next day. They did not apologise for the further delays in the bed delivery and when I asked to speak to his superior or be given the contact details of the managing director or someone else at senior director level he smugly said that he did not have a superior and that he would not give out the number of anyone else in the company. I asked him to pin down the time of delivery ideally to an hour at sometime in the day so that I could pop home from work for the delivery and then go back. He said that he couldn't do that, that he would not ask the delivery company for a set time on my behalf and then said that it would be ok to only take 1/2 a day off as he would be able to get it to me by 12 noon for sure. I reluctantly agreed to this.

On the agreed day my wife managed to take work home and expected the bed in the morning. By 12.30 it was not here and I then phoned them. They told him that the delivery would definitely be with us that day. They did not apologise that it hadn’t arrived by 12 noon as he had promised or offer to check with the delivery company or phone us back to tell us what was going on at the delivery end. I managed to get home by 1pm and work from home in the afternoon. I phoned later in the afternoon to ask where the bed was and asked what sort of compensation they would be offering for this shambles - wearebeds flatly refused to offer us any compensation, he assured me that the bed was on the way but did not phone the delivery company to find out why the bed had not been delivered in the morning as agreed or whether it was indeed on its way. I tried phoning them at 6pm but once again they had gone home. The bed frame once again did not arrive. I emailed to complain about the handling of this delivery and the ridiculous of time off work that my wife and I were being forced to take in order to receive it, once again asking for compensation for this shambles.

The next day at 9.30 I receive a chatty little email from to say that the bed will be delivered that day!!!! By that time my wife was at work and cannot take further time off work. I managed to go home by taking a further day’s leave. Fortuitously the bed arrived at 12.30 otherwise we would not have been in to receive the delivery, the driver would not let us check it whilst he was here. It has now been inspected and has a small dent in the headboard, not surprising given that it had been on a lorry for several days.
What a shambles!

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