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I Am Addicted!!!

Its just been four weeks that I joined the 888 poker community and already I have found so many great table companions and players to share my endless nights with. I love poker and especially find it an addiction at nights free of any household chore or other obligation. So naturally, after my band of friends decided to call it quits with our regular weekly poker nights, I had to find a suitable alternative. Not being in the mood for making new friends, I decided to go online and see how things went. 888 Poker simply came up as a chance hit when I conducted a research into the most lucrative poker sites or programs at present.
Quite possibly the best feature of 888 poker is that its free to register, sign up and download the program. Only when you decide its time to start playing, will you be required to make a deposit. And, wait there is so much more to this site than just poker. I particularly have no interest in horse betting, Roullete table and other such games but for those who love to gamble, an lifetime passion, 888 poker site has got all of it. What makes 888 poker so special for me though are the numerous promotional offers.
I chose the $400 payout offer and made a $200 deposit before hitting the table. Not knowing how my first experience would pan out to be, I was pleasantly surprised when the table graciously gifted me another $200 over my investment to let me have a better chance of cashing out as the winner. Wow! 888 poker rocks especially for newbies.
Now, when I first got started, I found the website was slightly exhaustive in its content with so much to read, so many offers and promotions to check out. Thankfully, the layout is simple, intuitive and rather easy to understand. A few minutes clicking here and there and I had already figured out most of the things such as how to get started, what to do, how to take new offers or promos and what all things I got with a registration. So naturally, registering with 888 poker was an easy decision for me.
Its been over a few weeks and I have diligently played on 888 poker, concentrated my little savings and turned them into a good amount. Like I mentioned before, the promotions make it all the more interesting to play and if you’r in the mood for something more than just your basic poker then take a look at the weird versions available with higher payouts. Personally, I don’t subscribe to anything other than the basic Texas Hold’em Poker so I usually stay away from such flamboyant tables.
I hope I haven’t bored you by posting such an elaborate explanation of my experience with 888 so far. Its just that being an internet noob, with a very inactive Facebook account, playing online with the same excitement and rewards feels great and I wanted to simply share my great experience with others.

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