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I wondered what had happened to my parcel so I tracked it told me that they had attempted to deliver and had left me a card...NO CARD, this is often the case with lazy delivery people as my post box for my flat is the other side of the building from my buzzer. So anyway, I find their number and ring, only to be met with the most SHONKY automated call system giving me a hundred options, none of which result in talking to a human being and all of them requiring the delivery card...which I don't have! But I appear to have rearranged delivery for the next day.

They finally get back to my email and apologise for not leaving a card, and tell me it cannot be redelivered and is at my local post office, but I don't have a card to show them...their advice is to ask the post office to "ring them to confirm"...yeaaah, have they ever been to a Post Office?!

All this dismay, anger and disgust could have been rectified by either redelivering the next day, leaving the dratted card OR if all else failed - having the ability to talk to a human and calm the irate customer down...common sense I would have said.


Amazing boozes and York shop has awesome staff

If you are in York pop in, you will get to taste a range of unusual liqueurs, spirits and wines, all made in the UK. The drinks come in lovely bottles and are wrapped to make great gifts on request. The staff can't do enough to help you, and are a pleasure to meet.

Premier Inn

Cheap but with the little extras that make a stay comfortable

I have stayed in a lot of budget hotels all around the UK and have often find that cheap = rubbish pillows, no tea and coffee, no soap in the bathroom. Premier is the exception, happy to find extra pillows of differing firmness, soap in the bathrooms and a much appreciated complementary hot drink or two. Small matters, but puts them above their competitors in this price range.

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