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A bit disappointed

I had high hopes for Nabru, the order process was easy, the sofa arrived on time etc it was more the end result that I was disappointed with. I had arranged for the sofa to be put together for me and said where I wanted it to go but the person putting it together put it in the wrong place so I had to get friends to help me move it afterwards. This wouldn't have been such a big deal but when we tried to move it all of the storage I had paid extra for in the base of the sofa started moving around and became out of place. I don't think that it was attached properly and it's taken ages to put right and I'm still not sure that it's in the right place. In addition the stitching at the back of the sofa which is on show has a hole in which to be honest is pretty big. I keep meaning to call Nabru to get it fixed but I'm so busy that I haven't had time. I will probably just end up trying to glue it back together before it gets any worse. Also, one of the cusions doesn't seem to quite fit properly and the sofa looks a bit wonky. I'm also not sure if I've got the soft cusions that I paid extra for as the sofa seems really hard. So all in all, I'm pretty disappointed. I'm not sure if I was just unlucky that the person from Nabru putting it together wasn't the best person to do the job or that the quality of the sofa just isn't that great. It certainly doesn't look as good as the sofa my friend bought from Nabru (who also asked Nabru to put it together for them), I think this is why I'm so disappointed. Unfortunately I just haven't had time to complain officially so I may be being unfair because they may be willing to fix it but I didn't expect to have to complain and spend my time trying to sort it out. I expected it to be right first time.

28 February 2013

Reply from Nabru Limited

Hello Caroline,
We are sorry to hear that you are disappointed with your sofa; clearly the driver should have installed it where you wanted it to go, it would be helpful for us to know why he didn’t after you had told him where you wanted the sofa to be positioned? The problems after the installation sound like they were most likely caused when the sofa was moved, our sofas are not designed to be slid or dragged across a floor and this might have caused the damage that you mention, as an aside the storage trays are not fixed but just sit in the space underneath the seats to create an enclosed box so they would have moved around if the sofa was dragged.
We want you to be happy with your sofa, please email us at so we can sort out any issues you have.
Kind regards,
The Nabru Team

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