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Simply Electronics Ltd.

Shit happens....

I ordered a camera on the 02/02/2013.
After nearly one month of patience, i recently decided to cancel my order and ask a refund. Meanwhile, my several attempts to get a concrete delivery date were completely vains.
The customer service is quite polite, and full of compassion, but isn't helpful. Although they seem to keep you informed with their orders status system on the website, do not expect to get a reactive or precise answer. It looks like they do not know themselves where your item is.
Taking the money and not deliver, i finally estimate this to be a really rude attitude towards their customers !
I am used to buy on internet but it is the first time i am so worried about the destination of my money. I hope they'll react quicker for the refund. I'll update this evaluation in function of their reaction to be the most objective as possible.

Update 1, the 03rd March : To ask a refund is not that simple with SE. After three written messages saying that i want to cancel this order and get a refund, i still have no confirmation from them. First they offer an additional item and ask to wait a little bit more, then they send a message as if you didn't answer to the previous ones (of course i anwsered !). I already lost several days in the process of refund.

Update 2, the 05th March : I just got a confirmation message from Paypal saying that SE refund completely my money. I admit this is a quite quick reaction. I raised thus my initial evaluation to 2 stars. I am currently convinced that they do not trick customers on purpose. They realize certainly that they trick the customers and themselves. One could find that their way to efficiency is strangely long..

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