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Had to cancel order

I placed an order on friday by the follwing friday noone had been in touch regarding delivery, so i called them, they could fit me in the following tuesday which was a full 7 working days in which delivery should take place, it was an all day slot. He kept telling me the 7 days didnt include weekends i kept telling him i hadnt included them. Late morning on the tues i received a call saying bad news theres been a family problem for the driver so no delivery, we can deliver next week, so that was taking me into week 3 when i was paying £19.95 for a delivery, i said no good, ok we can do friday i said fine but it will have to be the morning as im busy, they said no its an all day slot, i said look u have messed me about enough if u cant do the morning cancel my order, he kept going away to talk to someone, coming back an saying the same flaming thing, eventually he said as a good will gesture we will deliver all day slot friday but give u £10 off delivery, what part of im busy in the afternoon do they not get. In the end i cancelled my order, but now have to wait upto 7 days for my refund grrrrrrrr. I called someone else who price matched and delivered within 2 days.

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