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Untrustworthy crooks, with terrible customer service.

Having a 24 month contract with Three has been one of the worst financial mistakes of my life. My contract was for £35 a month but I never saw that much coming out of my account, I mostly saw £70-£100 per month. The costumer service is so badly trained they couldn't tell me why the bill was so high or how I could prevent it from happening again. When I tired to end my contract I discovered with Three, there is no "leaving fee" as they claim, it is just paying all your bills in advance and then receiving nothing no service.

The only time I ever heard from the company was at the end of my contract when they wanted me to sign on for another 2 years! (There is nothing I would like less) After I explain that I wanted to leave at the end of my contract to four costumer service providers NONE of them cancelled my contract. I ended up spending 4 hours in a three store on the phone with costumer services, where 5 members of their staff hung up on me and even hung up on the manager of the store I was in, who ended up making some calls for me. After finally getting my contract cancelled and releasing my hostaged PAC code, I thought it was over. Three months after the fact I have received an £80 bill from a debt collector who says I owe Three money for my cancelled service. I guess it will never be over.

Don't go with Three if you want to be treated with respect or like a paying costumer.

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