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Additional charges (0.5kg package was claimed to weigh 12kg)

A week after sending my package, parcelmonkey charged my credit card because they claim my package was larger and heavier than I said it was.

... the thing is, I sent a mobile phone, and they added additional charges for a 12kg 29x48x43cm package!

I laughed when I got the mail, and sent them an e-mail to let them know, and get them to refund the charge. All I got (after 2 weeks!) was a short mail from Matt Sennett stating that they didn't see the problem (are you kidding me?), and that all customers agree to paying additional charges if the package weight/meassurements are incorrect. Correspondence is extremely slow, but I am still trying to get a response. It's been so long now though, that I will no longer wait with a giving a horrible rating... not that it matters apparently - I don't think I've ever seen a company with such a horrible, horrible track record. I clearly should not have used them in the first place :(

Horrible, horrible customer service, and a system 100% made to rip off customers! Will never use them again!

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