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Excellent Value, Great Service

I had an explosive blow out on the M1 on a Friday. I went onto Etyres the same day, and opted for a Monday slot to get a replacement. About 5 minutes after booking & paying online I got a call from them saying the tyre I'd ordered was out of stock, but they'd upgrade me to a more expensive one at no extra cost.

The fitter called me at about 9.30am on the Monday and told me what time he'd be here. He turned up bang on time, and the tyre was changed within 20 minutes of his arrival. All of this for £55! I will definitely use them again.

Sage Pay

Good Service, Free 3rd-man Fraud Checking & Excellent Customer Service

SagePay have really sorted out their previous issues regarding downtime. We haven't had any downtime for the past 2 years now. The major plus of Sage is the ability to use 3rd-man fraud screening as part of our package.

Whenever we need further assistance with the account the customer services guys are very friendly and quick, you can always get through quickly and fraud-checking etc. is fast and easy.


Great Price, Delighted!

I found Extak through Google Shopping as they were listed as one of the cheapest for a Henry Hoover. Most of the other cheaper prices turned out to be out of stock, or non-inclusive of VAT etc. but Extak's price was exactly as advertised.

I placed my order and received it within a few days. I suppose if I was to be critical I'd maybe expect a slightly quicker delivery, but at this price I don't want to complain and I'm also delighted with the product. Highly recommended!!


Terrible Advertising Experience

I work for an online retailer and use many other price comparison engines to drive traffic to our website, all with a decent conversion rate and return on investment.

Kelkoo, on the other hand, deliver masses upon masses of non-converting traffic to us. We paused our account for over a year, but I was then convinced by their sales team to "give it another go" this year as they had apparently improved their service. Well, we tried it for 2 months, costing us over £5k and it generated a handful of sales at a conversion rate of 0.09%. Horrific. It can't be anything to do with our pricing etc. as all other price comparison traffic converts well.

I wonder about click fraud... they obviously claim this is impossible, but there must be a reason why their traffic is SO bad. DO NOT PAY TO ADVERTISE YOUR PRODUCTS ON KELKOO. Use Shopzilla, Nextag, Idealo, Pricerunner or any of the other multiple options available to you.


Absolute Cowboys - DO NOT TRUST!!!

Ironically we only visited A5 cars in Dunstable because we'd read such bad reviews of the other major Dunstable used car business, The Car Trade Centre.

We arrived and were greeted by a smartly dressed guy who let us look around without pestering us. My girlfriend picked 2 cars to test-drive, both small cars and priced around £1.7k. She did not like the Peugeot 206 as it "felt old" and by the sounds of it had splashy brakes and a loose gearbox.

She then test drove a Fiat Punto which looked in excellent condition on the interior and exterior other than a missing sun visor. She went around the block with the salesman, which isn't far and doesn't let you get over about 20mph the whole way round. I did not test drive the car myself - BIG MISTAKE!!!

She decided she liked the Fiat, at which point I haggled the salesman down from £1,800 to £1,430 and we went to the office to fill out the paperwork. The MOT was valid for 12 months and no problems were listed. No faults were declared about the car whatsoever. Everyone was all smiles and we paid via card, then left to fill it up at the nearby Esso. As she pulled up next to me in the garage the car was noticeably spluttering as it idled. She filled up and as we drove down the main road she was struggling to keep up, I pulled over saying I wanted to "have a go" at which point it became obvious we'd made a big mistake. As I pulled away the revs nearly went through the roof the clutch was so far gone, the exhaust rattled like a tank at high revs due to a hole in it, and within seconds it was obvious to me that this car had been ragged to the end of the earth by a previous owner. Again, MY mistake for not test driving it, but she seemed so pleased and so confident with it. I'm by no means a mechanic anyway!

So then I had the "pleasure" of driving this heap of junk, that could barely make it up a hill due to the clutch, back to the yard 10 minutes after we purchased it! I demanded to see the manager and the salesman who'd sold us it and rather forcefully explained that I wanted a full refund and the V5 to be destroyed before it went to the DVLA. The manager, not realising we had only just bought it, tried to suggest that the clutch had been new when it was sold and that it wasn't his problem. I dropped a few f-bombs at which point they agreed to process the refund in full, but still would not destroy the V5, saying he could not do it and didn't have any tip-ex!!! I made him scribble through everything instead and immediately left while they bleated weak apologies after us.

DO NOT USE, EVER!!!! Still worried that the refund won't go through or the V5 will be processed... I may consider changing this review slightly once the issue is forgotten and the money has been received back into her account, so long as they hold that end of the deal up.

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4 Months for Cashback to be "Payable"

The whole reason I joined TopCashBack rather than [external reference] was their promise to pay cashback quickly. I spent quite a bit of money via TCB over the Christmas period, and guess what... my cashback is only just being paid to me now 4 months later, with some of it still outstanding.

It's a great idea and it's nice to get money back on my transactions etc. so I can't complain too much - but why make a statement that you have no intention of sticking to?

23 April 2013

Reply from Topcashback

Hi John,

Thanks for your post.

We try to provide a clear indication as to when a transaction will be payable by showing an 'estimated payment speed'. You can view this by going to earnings and clicking on cashback by date. This is just an estimate and it can take a little longer at times. I would say that the average estimated payment speed would be around 3 months.

We have recently introduced 'faster paying' merchants which can be identified by a green banner below a participating merchant's logo.

I hope that this helps.

Best wishes,


No Response to Complaint & Keep Re-Posting Invalid Review on our Company Page

Quite simply the worst customer service I have experienced in my position as Business Development Manager for You only need to look at how many 1 Star reviews they have to understand just how hypocritical this company is; they offer the chance to rate other companies service and yet offer a woeful service themselves. They are not remotely interested in fairness, and even try to wash their hands of it in their T's & C's!!!

I have contested a TOTALLY unjust review twice, and both times it has been re-posted despite all the supporting materials being provided by myself, including all email trails to and from the "customer" (who used a fake name and has also described every part of the process incorrectly). The second time I contested it I requested a phonecall from someone, but never even got an email. Ironically our renewal was due in the middle of this process, so our "account manager" was more than happy to take our money for another year but "does not deal with reviews". Useless.

Disappointed, under valued, angry... Trustpilot fill us ALL here with more than just these 3 emotions but I am sick of talking about them now. The icing on the cake will be when they remove this review for some reason or another. BE WARNED.

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13 December 2012

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi John,

Thanks for your review. We are of course disappointed that you think we are not interested in fairness. Like we wrote you earlier, we can't take party in the case that the customer and the company don't agree on the course of events. Our user guidelines (which you can read under our Terms & Conditions here > say that Trustpilot cannot delete reviews in that case as it is not possible for us to know who is right or wrong. As long as the customer has made a purchase that can be verified, he/she is then able to leave a review. Removing that review would not be fair for the customer, regardless of the content (as long as it doesn't breach our review guidelines of course).
The only advice I can give you is to answer politely to your customer in order to try to resolve the issue or at least show to your other customers your goodwill, so that they can make their own opinion.
Kind regards,
Bertrand Carton


Superb product, no reply to email but good on the phone

I have owned a Garmin Nuvi 370 in-car sat-nav for about 3 years now, and it has always worked very well and I would score the product easily 5/5.

The only problem I had was when I downloaded an update for my Europe map, only for my unit to then start asking for "State/Province" when I wanted to choose a destination. Being outside the US, this rendered the device effectively unusable.

I emailed Garmin UK and Garmin USA support, and never received a reply from either despite being told via automated reply I would hear back within 3 working days. Fearing the worst, I called them during my lunchbreak (as their phones are only open 9am - 5.30pm) and spoke to a girl called Gosia at Garmin Europe. She identified the problem immediately (the Nuvi 370 has 2gb memory, the full updated Europe map is 3gb and therefore couldn't fit). She also told me how to break the full Europe map down into sections using the install options during download of the updated map, and how to pick and choose which countries' maps to add to my device, allowing it to fit. On top of this she emailed me a PDF file with all the instructions of what I needed to do. My sat-nav now works perfectly again, with updated maps!

I have given Garmin 4/5 purely because they didn't respond to my emails to support. I would score Gosia 5/5, and the product 5/5, and would definitely buy Garmin again in the future.


Great Service

I have bought and sold tickets with these guys, and never had a problem. When selling tickets they even arrange a UPS collection from your door to collect them. They make it very clear what type of tickets you're buying too, and how quickly you will get them. You can even look at a "virtual view" of what the stage will look like from your seat! Awesome.

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