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Don't use this company!

I bought 2 mats from this company but when they arrived, they did not match the description on the website. The mats were described as 'beige' but were mostly black with a little beige in them. I asked 7 different people what colour they believed them to be and all agreed that they were not beige as described. I decided to return them but was told that although the company was a .co.uk one, they had been unable to despatch them from the UK due to stock issues so had sent them from Europe - and guess where I was expected to return them? Yes, Europe! Of course, the company offered a 'special rate' for this but, on top of the handling charge they were going to charge because I had, in their eyes, 'changed my mind', I would have received very little back.

They hide behind all sorts of get out clauses in their extensive T&C's and there seems to be very little that you can do to fight them. They profess to place great store by their customer service but in effect, it is non existent.

The best solution? Buy elsewhere!

Fasthosts Internet

Don't touch with a bargepole!

I had a contract for hosting with Fasthosts but never used it as someone else hosted us. When the contract was due to end, I contacted Fasthosts by email to cancel and duly cancelled my direct debit. I then got a bullying letter from them, denying that they had received my cancellation and insisting that I pay the arrears. I challenged them but to no avail and I have since had a couple of emails from them demanding payment.

I then read some pretty negative views from others who found themselves in the same situation and wished I had seen these reviews before I even signed up to them.

I've now tried to renew the domain name but have been told that I cannot renew until I pay these 'outstanding invoices'. I again insist that I do not owe Fasthosts any money but it looks as if I will lose my domain name unless I cave in to their demands - this is something that on principle I will not do.

A bad experience and I shall take my business elsewhere as I won't be bullied or blackmailed like this!

01 April 2014

Reply from Fasthosts Internet

Dianne, We will always cancel services if we are advised to do so by the customer, subject to contract periods. In this case we have no record of the cancellation I’m afraid, so we were not aware of your wishes. I am sorry that we haven't been able to resolve this satisfactorily for you.

Kind Regards,


Non existent customer service

I ordered and paid in full for a set of Balmoral side tables on 28/7 and was told that delivery would take place in 9 weeks.
When the date was due, I emailed to check on delivery and when I got no response after a few days, contacted them again. After a week I sent another email cancelling the order and requesting a full refund.
Today I received a call from the delivery company with a delivery date but I told them I had cancelled the order.
Laura Ashley then called and they guessed that the reason I'd had no response was a backlog of emails due to sickness and holidays! Also that the 9 weeks delivery date was flexible and they really pushed for me to take delivery but, enough is enough.
Any decent company would have the courtesy to let you know if there was a problem with answering emails within an acceptable time frame or if delivery was going to be late. Rubbish customer service.


Misleading omission on website so will let Trading Standards deal with them.

There are far better bathroom companies around and I'd advise you to use them rather than this shoddy outfit. Firstbathrooms claim to offer free delivery to ALL orders over £250, as highlighted on their website. This tricked me into spending considerable time on their site ordering products. It is not until a much later stage that the 'rip off Scotland' element comes in and there is an extra delivery charge. By that time, I'd spent too much time on the site and needed products so I went ahead.

I then started looking to see if this was fair trading and, lo and behold, Trading Standards informed me that they considered this a misleading omission and therefore possibly CRIMINAL. I requested that the delivery charge was refunded but of course got nowhere so I cancelled the order and am now told that it will take up to 30 days to refund my money, over £600! I shall now leave it to Trading Standards to deal with. I took my business elsewhere, to Victoria Plumb who are streets ahead of Firstbathrooms.


Will never use this company again

The website claims free delivery and does not state that there are exceptions to this until you have spent time on the site and go to the basket. The the 'rip off Scotland' element comes in. I tried to resolve this with them directly under a breach of Consumer Protection Regulations ( a misleading omission on the front page of the website) but they would not address any of my issues. Trading Standards consider a misleading omission to be a potentially criminal issue so I will let them sort it out - and take my business elsewhere in the future.

01 March 2013

Reply from BathEmpire

Dear Ms Strang,

Thank you for your feedback.

I apologise that you found our website misleading. I am going to look into your feedback thoroughly and I will contact you directly when I have all the facts.

Kind regards,

Jacky Basley

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