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Found it relatively straightforward

I would deal with Pixmania again, found it a great site. However a few little details left me giving it 3 stars. Firstly I was trying to see what details were required for my credit card and the numerous options present on the page was somewhat confusing and when I thought I was just checking the validity of my credit card, it went through as a payment. I think it was not easily possible to cancel without contacting the sales team which I thought was too much hassle. Since I was there to buy I didn't think much of it. But still I would much rather prefer a details page of what I'm buying, charges and a final button asking my confirmation of purchase instead of jumping straight away. Another thing, I thought was an Irish company, when I got my product it was french...the box and product labels. In most cases I wouldn't mind but I have no idea with the label on the back of my product means, take it off before use or what?

Another issue, i assume has nothing to do with pixmania is the courier service. UPS. They managed to miss my package at the depot on the day of delivery around 5 pm, then they reattempted to deliver at 6pm and that wasn't successful? I didn't realise they sent deliveries that late. If I had I would've used my home address. I put my work address since I assumed morning delivery and I might miss it while at work.
Then it was finally delievered the next day and the only way I knew it was received was because I signed up for sms alerts on the UPS site. The box was just left in a store room by a staff member. All it had was the store's name and address on it. My name was nowhere to be found. This is delicate electronic equipment. I read on pixmania delivery info that the package should be opened and checked on delivery to see if it was damaged or defective, since accepting it or signing it without doing that would deem it was delievered in working condition and I wouldn't have much ground to return it or get a refund. Now how can I do that when they don't come on time, don't deliver it to the right person or even have my name on it? Ridiculous. I went through all that hassle just so I can receive it in my hands and not wait extra days or have to travel to pick it up somewhere.


Address confusion

I only had one issue. I'm not sure which end it stemmed from - the originating retail website or the DPD, but somehow the street address was left out of the delivery address.
On checking with the originating website - the address had my name and street address but not the postal code. I assumed it would be ok since there's only one street with that name here. However, on the day of delivery when I checked the tracking info, the delivery address had the postal code but no street address.
I immediately rang the company and notified them, at first they said it would be ok or something to that affect. However, the person immediately rang me back to confirm my address and said he'd pass it on to the driver. However the delivery had already been made.
I'd put my work address since that's where I would be during the day. Without the street address the delivery was made to an another branch of the store which happened to be in the same postal code area. This resulted in me walking over an hour to collect it from that store instead.
I'm sure it was due to some confusion between the companies but I had to spend valuable time going out of my way to collect it.
Other than that the company seemed to be very professional and courteous in terms of their service and i'll chalk this one to a unforeseeable gremlin

05 March 2013

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Dony,

I'm sorry that you had issues with your delivery on this occasion, but we only ever deliver to the address supplied by the sender. We never seek to edit or amend address details sent to us. As such, we attempted to deliver to the address given to us in good faith.

Nonetheless, I'm sorry that you suffered inconvenience, and I'm glad that your dealings with us were otherwise positive :)

If you ever need to contact us to discuss anything, feel free to drop us a note -

Kind regards,


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