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Diet Chef

A company worthy of recommendation.

Like many overweight individuals, I could pinpoint exactly what caused my bulk.... but found it difficult to correct my errors. Of course I was guilty of eating a 'poor' diet on occasion and I enjoyed a drink or two from time to time, but neither of these factors were to blame for my size.

On the whole I would say that I maintained a very healthy, well balanced diet with lots of fibre. My major problem was eating far more than I should - and the reality is that no matter how good your diet is, too much of it will cause a weight problem. There really IS too much of a good thing!

Diet Chef was extremely useful to me because it helped me to train myself in portion control. The marvellous choices of menu made dieting much easier as it did not feel like an ordeal to be tolerated. Many of the soups were far superior to those readily available from major manufacturers in high street supermarkets.

I do feel that the cost of many diet regimes is prohibitive to some, but I would suggest that the quality of Diet Chef food, together with their excellent customer service, make this an ideal company to use if the cost can be accommodated.

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Our rotary line was excellent value for money and arrived so quickly.

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