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Absolutely appalling company - AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

I ordered two items from Very on the 13th January with next day delivery. After a few days I rung up to find out where my items were and was told I had to wait until 2 weeks had passed since I placed the order before they would investigate where my items were. I rung up after two weeks and was given a parcel tracking number and told I had to ring the delivery company myself, this tracking number turned out to be completely false, so I rang back only to be told by another agent that my items hadn't been dispatched and he would initiate a missing item report, but that I had to wait another week to ring back to find out the outcome of that report. I actually rang back two weeks later only to find out no missing item report was complete but instead they had authorized a refund without my knowledge, (this was somewhat annoying as I had wanted the items I had ordered, and because I had had enough of chasing them thought that a refund would be simpler). I was then told that refunds take 6 working days, but that it had actually been authorized 10 days prior to my current phone call and so I should have received it by now, which I hadn't. I was then assured that I would be refunded within the next 3 working days and that someone would call me to find out why it hadn't happened in the first place. I did receive a refund for one of the items but no phone call came through, so I rung up a few days later to say that I had only received a partial refund and was assured that the full refund would be sent urgently. It is now a week after my last phone call and the second part of my refund has still not appeared, so now I am forced to continue chasing them for this money despite it costing me about £20 so far in phone bills to call their phone number.
I would only buy something from very if you want to throw money down the drain and like a lot of hassle.

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