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It's like a comedy film, except not funny

Oh deary me. Yodel. It would actually be funny if it wasn't actually quite serious what they do. The first time I used Yodel.... well. When I say 'use' it's not by choice. Never by choice... The first time was with Uni books from the Open University. They were propped up against my front door... in the pouring rain. I am lucky the OU were excellent packers other wise. Ruined books.

The second time... they were left in my wheelie bin. It was delivered on a Friday, bin day was Monday and I was very, very nearly away that weekend (my neighbours would have taken our bin out for us) so my uni books would have gone on a landfill.

I've complained on numerous occasions. Never even got a reply. I was just discussing this with a friend, who informed me that Yodel left a small package for them behind a plant. No card. Nothing. It rained, it snowed, bugs found a warm little nest. The contents ruined. Yodel? Nothing.

This courier system is a joke. A complete and utter joke. I have actually stopped buying things online in fear that Yodel will be used and I will never receive my items.

Stop using them. For the love of god, stop using them now.

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