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best search ever

I have used google for many years would not ever change


Halifax we give you extra no you take extra !

charges are a joke no help
Hate this bank greedy and arrogant !!!!
No help what so ever they just take take take


Great service very helpfull

as above takes to long can not write a review untill a few months later

Thank you for taking your time to reply i am sorry i should not of blamed your company for this

09 July 2013

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi dw,

I think I underaydn what happened. It seems that you received a review invitation from the company a very long time after you bought from it. What can happen sometimes is that when a company signs up to a premium Trustpilot account, it can invite its previous customers to leave a review. Which is why you first received it recently, and not back then.
But you can at anytime write a review without having to receive an invitation for it. Just visit any company on Trustpilot and click on "Review Company".
I hope this helps.

Kind regards,
Bertrand Carton

2nd edit: thanks for having changed your rating! Very kind of you. Have a nice day.

Sell Your-laptop

Crafty Scammers

Most people wont have a bad experience with this company if you only use them once. This is to reel you in so they gain good rep.
I sold a laptop to them they offered me the best price i sent my laptop got the price they quoted i thought great, they are different from the rest, they stick to there word and pay what they offer. I thought yep will use again, so i did i sent my 2nd laptop off to them, i was offered £80 but when they received it they said the sound what not working and re-quoted me £65 instead.
I fully checked the laptop and it was fully working the sound worked as i watched a film on the laptop a day before and checked it before i sent it off to them i was a bit suspicious but i put it down to bad luck and accepted the £65
3rd time and last time i sent my laptop of again and i was offered £96 but when they received it i was re-quoted £51 because there was a problem with the SOUND again.
Strange as i checked the laptop t=about 4-5 times this time before i sent it to them

Clearly a tactic that they use to lower your quotes I was looking on ebay and i found my laptop on there ebay McMillan race page selling at £140 the laptop had no sound problem at all in there ebay listing and no previous faults mentioned about any sound problem.
This company pay new customers the full amount to reel them in. I got ripped of buy this company hope you don't . This is my own experience just be-careful if they re-quote you about a sound problem!

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