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Urban Industry

Well priced item, fast delivery

My daughter wanted a particular Adidas shoulder bag for school and a search of the old interweb found that most suppliers' prices were within a few pence of each other. The exception was Urbanindustry, who saved me a fiver, even after taking postage into account.


Excellent website, decent stock, but watch those prices

Jasper Carrott once said that Argos was named after the Greek God of Pointless Queueing; their website puts an end to that. With good search facilities and the ability to check stock locally and reserve items if you want to save the delivery charge, this is how an e-commerce site should be done.
As ever with Argos, however, they're not always selling items for the best price. It's always worth researching the internet to compare prices. That said, their sale prices are often unbeatable and the buying experience is generally painless.


Cheap as chips - but the website reflects that

Managed to beat T-mobile into a cocked hat when I was looking to upgrade to a Nokia N8. For £85 for the handset (offset by flogging my old one to Mazuma), I got 500 mins plus unlimited texts and data for £20/month. Compare that with a free phone from T-mobile but only 300 mins, 300 texts and unlimited data for £5/month.
The unlimited data deal is also better with Tesco: 3GB limit instead of T-mobile's 1GB.
The downside is the website, which has been slow to the point of timing out whenever I've visited.
Incidentally, Tesco use O2's network so coverage isn't bad.

Mazuma Mobile

The Ronseal of the Sell-Your-Mobile sites

They do exactly what they promise to do: you're quoted a price, they send you a prepaid envelope, you post the mobile back to them and when they get it, they pay you.
My only reservation would be that there appears to be no tracking on the parcel you send, and the envelope has MAZUMA written on it in big letters, so a light-fingered postie (not, of course, that any of them are) could relieve you of the phone.

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