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Terrible customer service on the phone. Engineers that arrived didn't seem to care. The worst i've ever experienced

I signed up for BT Broadband based on their reputation, as well as their catchy TV ads and the fact i'd never had trouble with my BT landline, even though they weren't the cheapest. From the start things were bad. The Broadband came and went, and i was introduced to their utterly confusing Customer service set-up. I was passed about from one person to another. I'd talk to someone in Doncaster (i think), then someone in Asia and they never had the same information. In all 5 engineers visited my home but none really seemed interested. The last one to visit couldn't get any braodband signal at all but actually asked me "do you want me get someone else to give it a go?" - as i was paying for the service by direct debit each month i thought that would be self-explanatory!! Eventually i thought, enough is enough, and tried to get out of the contract. As five different engineers couldn't get it working (no broadband at all for around 2-months) i thought that would be easy. Talking to a chap in India he did a 5-minute check and said "your broadband is fine"!! The blue light was flashing & 5 engineers couldn't get it working, but here was a colleague of theirs in India telling me it was fine!! After several letters i did get out of the contract. They charged me a 'cancellation fee' but later refunded that, after yet another letter. In a nutshell, if things go well i've no doubt the product is fine, but if you do have problems ( i must basically be in a bad spot for broadband!) then it's trouble, trouble, trouble! i've cancelled my BT landline too and will never use them again. A terrible experience & i never got refunded for the time i was being charged but had no broadband - i'm not rich, but just can't stand the hassle.

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Taunton Leisure

Nice and easy to order, and arrived next day!!

I had a good look around for the particular North Face top i wanted. Taunton Leisure offered the best price (it was on Sale!) so i put the order in straight away. As i had ordered it on a Friday i didn't expect it to arrive untill sometime the following week, but it arrived on the Saturday! A good price and next-day delivery at no extra charge. Maybe i was just lucky, but i was certainly impressed, and would recommend them.

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