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A reasonably good service overall but experienced some problems in the past

Today I had an online chat with Nick about some queries I had. He answered one well but the other he told me the wrong thing at first and then later realised and told me the right answer and apologised for telling me wrongly first. He did take a while to answer my queries so I don't know if he was new and a bit inexperienced at his job or what but if not then I expect quicker answers.
I have used them 3 previous times, each time using their subsidiary Collect+ service.
On one of those previous occasions I had some trouble with them when a parcel I was sending was marked as 'Parcel problem, please call 0845 xxx xxxx' on 27/04/2012 and wasn't on its way again until 04/05 and I didn't notice this until 07/05 2 days before it was finally delivered on 09/05. I enquired at least 3 times from 07/05 on the online chat and each time, the agent asked for the tracking number and my email address and said they would investigate and message me back.
I never received any email from any of them after the online chat so decided to contact the premium rate number which I wasn't happy about doing. The agent on the phone sounded sarcastic I thought and I got the impression he never really cared about my problem and wasn't even able to explain why there was a problem.
So this is now my 4th time of using them via Hermes UK Economy and due to use them at least twice more in the next week for heavy items I am selling on ebay that are cheaper to post using Hermes UK Economy than Royal Mail so will have to see how my experience with this company goes again with those transactions in case I decided to leave another review.

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