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Dont be fooled by the percieved value

Talk Talk were fine till we informed them we are moving home, they couldnt find the address on their database as it was a new house, & told me to register it with Royal Mail which I duly did. After a week I again asked Talk Talk if they could find the address, & they couldnt, so told me they were escalating the problem to manager level, & told me someone would call back after a couple of days. No one called, so after another week I looked at other providers, both EE (ok) & Plusnet (wanted £78 up front) could find the address & offered installation appointment. I again called Talk Talk to see if they could find address, they couldnt. This is when the problem started. I told them I was cancelling my service with them on dedicated option on menu. They put me through to customer loyalty, & told me they were again escalating the complaint to manager level, I told them this had already been done & again I wanted to cancel the service, they gave me abit of runaround & said I couldnt cancel as The contract expired in July. I told them they couldnt provide a service so THEY were in breach of contract. They told me I would have to pay till the end of the contract period. I told them I would pay till the day I moved as they could not provide me with a service, I again was told I would have to pay till the end of contract period. I said I was cancelling the DD & said goodbye.

After several weeks I received couple of final demands, then a letter from a debt collection agency. I replied to the collection agency by email with the text from this review. I received an email shortly afterwards stating the case was being reviewed.
After another week or so I received a phone call from Talk Talk QA dept, stating the case had ben reviewed by Talk Talk, & the outstanding amount owing was being written off. An email from the debt collection agency confirmed this.
It is a shame that Talk Talk call centres are overseas, or rely on people from overseas & no conversation was held with anyone from the UK.
The run a round they gave me from person to person who wanted to hear the story over & again put them at the very worst of customer service I have experienced.

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