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Lead does an excellent job.

Bought an RCA lead to upgrade a cheaper lead and initially was not convinced by sound quality and reviewed as such, I have since gone back and tried the lead through a different separate then gone back to the unit I bought it for and now realise the lead is a quality item and I am impressed with the sound reproduction. Whether it was a bad connection originally on my part I don't know but I am now back to the original plan of replacing all my old RCA leads with these. I also appreciate the feedback from Kenable following my original review which made me go back and try again. Thank you.

31 January 2014

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Hi Peter,

Thanks for your comments. The cable you purchased doesn't change the sound supplied to it. As it's made from OFC copper cable, the sound will be more accurately represented than a cheaper audio cable. It can't add more bass, only deliver the bass as it is supplied. What we normally find is that some sort of bass boost (e.g. on your players equalizer) is causing too much bass which the cheap cable can't carry. When this better cable is used it delivers all the bass given to it and therefore makes the sound have too much bass. Let us know you're setup and hopefully we can help diagnose the cause.

Please remember that most audio cheap audio cables you buy on online marketplaces are no longer made of copper, but copper coated aluminium or steel, or even magnesium alloy for the really cheap ones. Obviously these cables can not deliver sound anywhere near as good as copper cables, never mind oxygen free copper cables like these, so the sound representation will be totally different. You normally get a lot less bass and a lot less treble from cheap cables. Cheap cables can deliver the main body of the sound but can't deliver the high and low ranges, so you never get the full sound. Both our Pure OFC and enBeat ranges offers quality copper cables for a great price.

kenable customer services

Excellent service

Bought the cap in the colour I wanted which wasn't available locally but with the free postage it was the same price. Delivery was excellent, arriving 2 days after ordering.


Excellent Service,exactly as it said on the website.

Easy to follow ordering on the website, friendly staff when contacted with a query and the delivery was exactly as promised. Product needed for a project and I was not sure what to expect when considering the low price compared to a couple of national DIY outlets, but the quality of product exceeds expectation. The fact delivery was easy to track was a great help because once in transit it was easy to narrow delivery down am or pm. Excellent service all round.

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