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Mobi Data

Immature Service and Poor Customer Experience

I signed up for MobiData about a month ago, tempted by their offer of 20GB of data for £20 per month. As I'm currently between houses, having a solution to internet access that didn't require a landline or long-term contract sounded ideal to me. However, the reality of using their service has left me deeply disappointed and, although I believe they're a genuine and well-intentioned company, I couldn't possibly recommend them.

Firstly, you're only allowed to request one SIM - they check whether your email address or postal address is already in their system and block duplicate requests. In my house we have 2 MiFi access points and 2 iPads that take a data SIM, so a 1 SIM limit seems prohibitively restrictive. In the end we requested one in my name to my work address and one in my wife's name to our home. Unfortunately one of these was accidentally sent out as a combi-SIM instead of a nano SIM for an iPad - we requested this be replaced but they sent out a combi-SIM again.

Secondly, we signed up on the free 100MB / month service in order to test the signal in key areas. All being well, I then emailed their customer service team in order to request they upgrade the package to the 20GB option. This was done, albeit slowly. I should mention at this point that the customer service was extremely slow and lacked foresight. Almost every answer I was given raised another question, but each response took a day to be received. (The only exception to this in my entire experience with MobiData so far has been a guy called Allen - top marks to him for stand-out service). Having checked and double-checked that my contract was upgraded and it had taken effect I then started using my data package in earnest. Within a minute I received 6 alerts telling me that I'd used 50%, then 85%, then 100% of my allowance and then that I'd racked up £20 in over-usage charges! As you might expect, I was a bit dismayed by this. I immediately removed the SIM to prevent any further use and emailed their support desk - resulting in 2 days of no internet access while I waited for them to clarify the situation and confirm the package change had been made correctly.

Thirdly - so wrapping up the over-usage charging issue, I was promised that I didn't need to chase the issue any more and that I'd be contacted by their billing team once they'd looked in to my account (ideally removing the charges as I was using the system in good faith of the package change). However, 2 weeks later and I've heard nothing leaving me yet again wondering what's going on.

Fourthly, and finally the experience that's prompted this review. Last Thursday I received yet more emails that I'd exceeded my usage allowance and was now being charged over £30 for excess usage. This was the first usage alert I'd received this time, without the 50, 85 and 100% warnings I'd had previously or been promised by the customer service team. So yet again, I've turned off my internet connection while I await a response - now over 3 days without any kind of reply.

One of my main concerns when I first looked at Mobi Data was that you're not able to check your usage online. The email alerts reassured me that I'd be able to tailor my usage as I approached the limit of my package, but this just hasn't proven reliable at all. Worse, although my mobile access point tracks usage, it seems that Mobi Data think my usage is somewhere in the order of 3x what is tracked by the access point, so I've no way to track usage myself.

So in summary, I'm left with 3 months to run on a contract that I don't dare use because I've no idea whether I'm going to find I'm being charged excess usage fees, and no one on their side answering or addressing my concerns.


No hassle shopping

Easy ordering process, everything went smoothly. However, I'd have liked email updates when my order was shipped, letting me know the courier tracking number, etc. It was a week or so between ordering and receiving the item and, as it was quite an expensive product, I was more keen than usual to know its status.


Can't fault them in any way

I chose this company as they were the cheapest professional-looking outfit for the bespoke mirror I needed. From ordering through to delivery I've been extremely impressed with them in every regard, the mirror itself is top quality with a flawless finish, and the customer service has been friendly and 'can-do'. I'll be recommending them at every opportunity!

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