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4 months after i have finished still no diploma ,what's going on?

In february 2012 i enrolled for -as advertised- BTEC ADVANCED LEVEL 3 DIPLOMA IN TRAVEL AND TOURISM ISSUED BY EDEXCEL.

I finished in november 2012,but all i got is a silly award from home learning college.I have written several emails and made calls to student services and no one is giving me a straight answer ,about when the diploma will be issued by EDEXCEL.all i am told is that it is coming soon ,but Edexcel are very slow.However the college has changed the description of the course to A Certificate from ITT and EDEXCEL has been removed as an accrediting provider.Can someone tell me ,what is going on ?EDEXCEL ARE TELLING ME ONLY HLC CAN REQUEST FOR MY DIPLOMA. ,UNLESS THE COLLEGE GIVES ME THE PIN SLIPS.
.i applied to university and presented ucas with an assurance that i have completed BTEC level 3 Advanced diploma accredited and issued by EDEXCEL ,that is what is written on my contract with home learning college.Now they making me look like a fraud and not giving me an answer.

Can you send my certificate to me if I can’t get it from my centre?
We can’t send original certificates directly to students. This is because you have an arrangement with the centre to take the qualification, and as such they are responsible for:
Registering you to take the qualification
Teaching you the course
Assessing your achievements while you are taking the course
Claiming your certificate once you’ve finished the course.
If the certificate is to have a high educational value we need to ensure that the qualification has been rigorously tested. If we were to send certificates directly to students, without a record of your achievement, it would undermine the centre and may possibly lead employers, with whom you might apply for a job, or further education centres, with whom you may want to continue your studies, to doubt the value of our qualifications.

11 March 2013

Reply from Home Learning College

Hi Mirela, I am concerned to hear about your dissatisfaction with the service. I hope I will be able to clarify things for you: the Travel and Tourism course is still (as always has been) accredited by Edexcel but Edexcel have since brought the BTEC brand. ITT is the trading body that informs on the course content. This means that the certificate you should expect to receive will be from the Edexcel awarding body and it is them that you will have to contact if this has not been received. As to the qualification – you will receive exactly what you signed up for: the BTEC Advanced Level 3 Diploma in Travel and Tourism. As a student of the college, we do indeed have your records on our database and have someone from the exams department currently working to resolve these issues for you. If there is anything I can do for you in the meantime, please contact me directly via the address connect@homelearningcollege.com. Regards, Elizabeth Edwards.

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