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Like a warm bath.

Dear Justoffbase,

These days, i am wary, (and oh so weary) of internet companies that use every opportunity to add to the price for one reason or (usually concealed) other. How nice to find a company where the price is very competitive indeed, and, is just what it said it is.

And usually when an item turns out to not be immediately in stock, I've come to expect some long complicated saga of threatened availability, while my money is of course held in the meantime. How refreshing for you to let me know straightaway with some individual email, offer an immediate refund, or the option of waiting no more than one week.

As so it was, delivered on time, with no bother, no drama of id proof including full ancestral tree.

And best of all, no 'up-selling', no 'pay not much monthly but a fortune overall' extended warranty foisted on me, in fact, none of the remorseless 'selling' at all.

Thank you. All in all, like a warm bath,

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