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I got my money back via a formal credit-card charge-back!

My brush with DeCuisine happened last October (2010). Money taken from my card immediately, and then nothing. I got my money back through my credit card company via a formal charge-back:-

1. After 3 weeks, I sent DeCuisine a letter (registered post) saying that I now wanted a refund, and I gave them 2 weeks to send me the refund. I got the form of words off the Trading Standards Web-site. DeCuisine did not communicate and I did not receive a refund.

2. I filled out a form for a formal chargeback with my credit card company. (You need proof of purchase, and a copy of the registed letter. I also had a copy of text I sent them using the web form, and described my attempts to ring them up).

We got our money back!

I have talked at length to trading standards, and I am mystified why this company (who has been behaving like this for a few years) is allowed to continue trading.

Get them where it hurts - in the wallet!

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