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Cash Converters

Be careful paying games

I bought a game from Cash Converters ... unfortunately it did not work ... I fell foul of the dread Steam scam ... I am not sure if Cash Converters are aware, but if you buy a game from a computer shop and the game requires Steam Activation then the person who bought it can activate it on their own computer then come along to cash converters and trade it in for cash ... however, if you come along and then buy it and take it home and try and put it on to your computer it will not work ... Why, because the person who owned it before you can carry on playing the game on their computer because they still hold the activation code ... I have contacted Steam and they will not deactivate the other person code ... So you are left with a game that will not work and never will again ..

So do be careful ... check if the game is Steam activated if it is .... steer well clear ..

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