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I have Homecare 200, which I pay around £28 a month for. In previous years they have been quite reliable (I have been with them around 7 or 8 years), but I recently received a letter asking me to book my annual boiler service. I have been busy for the last couple of weeks but made a point of booking it tonight. First I tried to book online. it said there were no appointments available in my area. I then tried phoning - the first option was an automated system, which I selected. After going through the system, again I was informed that there were no appointments available and that I was being transferred to an advisor, who told me (after asking if there were any parking restrictions outside my property and if there were any dogs on the property) that the first available appointment is Saturday 25th January (it is 27th November today) - I said that the service was rubbish and was told they provide a good service but are busy doing repairs this time of year. I said I wasn't interested in other customers and that I wanted what I paid for. I checked the time of the appointment and was told it will be between 8am & 1pm. I pointed out that they advertise 2-hour slots - he said 2 hour slots only apply to online bookings and only when available. I said that once my service was done I would being closing my account. I won't be dealing with this company again and will use a local engineer in future.

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Animed Direct

Good prices with quick delivery

I order quite a lot of cat medication online. In the past I have tried some of the cheaper ones, but often I have had to end up waiting a week or more for things to arrive. Animed Direct seem to offer the best of both worlds. Cheap prices and fast despatch. I can't comment on their customer service as I have never had any need to contact them. I have a second account for my mum, whose only other option is to buy from her vet. She is living on a pension, so was when she told me her vet had recommended a feliway plug-in @ £48, was really pleased when I told her I could get her one for about £18


Good prices and quick service

There are quite a few companies out there offering pet things. Viovet is about the only one that has good prices along with fast delivery with items well-packed. I have found slightly cheaper prices at times, which have turned out to be a false econony when I have ended up waiting a week or more for things to turn up. I like the new option of paying £1 extra to guarantee items being sent out the following day. Given that Viovet use Citylink next-day, I know when to expect my delivery. Some companies offer a next-day service but usually charge up to £10 extra for the service.

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