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I recieved my first and last riverford boxes today, I bought a favorites box at £15.35, a fruit bag at £6.95 and a winter warmer box at £29.95.
The meat was partially frozen, a big no no to me, the fruit was partially frozen, who wants frozen oranges? and the veg was limp and very poor quality with soft onions, bendy carrots and yellow brocolli. I feel like i have been robbed, I am hugely dissapointed, i did not expect pretty looking veg but I did expect it to be fresh. All I can say is that I am horrified and disgusted that I was offered NOTHING in return for my poor experience, I would have liked to have been offered what I paid for but sadly not, so with my veg in the compost and my cheap cuts of meat on the broil for the dog I would like to say that I shall not be using this company again. My advice to them would be to stop the showy advertising and put the money into quality control!

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Bovington Camp, United Kingdom