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Unreliable - do not order online from Flower Station UK

I ordered flowers for my niece's birthday on February 16 (Saturday night), since her birthday was February 17, I used Flower Station, which claimed to be the only vendor that provides same-day delivery in the UK on Sundays. I even paid an additional charge so that the flowers would be delivered as early as possible (so at the very worst the flowers would be delivered by February 19 in the morning).
The flowers did not arrive on February 17, nor on February 18, nor the 19th. Since I am in North America, I could not conveniently call the company over the phone, so on February 19 at night I sent the vendor an email alerting to the fact that the flowers were not delivered.
On February 24 (more than a week after the same-day delivery order!) I got a voice message from the customer service representative saying that their florist had called and said that the order would cost more than what I paid. The representative urged me to call back as soon as possible to complete the order. More than a week after the fact, there was no longer any point in sending flowers, so I again emailed Flower Station (to the same address that they sent the original order confirmation) and wrote that they should cancel the order. I specifically wrote "Apart from the fact that there is no longer any point in delivering the flowers, I am somewhat disappointed at the way this order was handled. Your misrepresentation of the service you would provide resulted in my niece not receiving my birthday wishes at a reasonable time."
Today, more than two week after the original "same-day-delivery" order, I got an email from Flower Station asking me, and I quote: "Could you please confirm the delivery date please so I can process your order". Not even a period at the end of the sentence, not to mention a greeting or a signature, and forget about making any sort of reference to my previous emails.
Had I bought the flowers from another company they might have only been delivered on Tuesday the 19th (Monday was a bank holiday), but they would have reached my niece while she was still celebrating her birthday.
Bottom line: DO NOT try ordering from this vendor if you want your flowers delivered in a reasonable time period, or if you expect any decent customer service experience.

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