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Official iPhone Unlock

The worst service ever

Took way too long to unlock. Terrible and rude customer service which gave me the run around and lied numerous times. Had I not sent an email who knows how long the unlock would have taken. Not only did they threaten to blacklist my IMEI after i wanted a refund but also told me to use another service. One of the worst companies i have ever dealt with. At the end of the day i didnt have the phone anymore that they had "unlocked", so they took my money for no reason, at least i got to feed someones family...

Its funny how they come on here and post this new version i wasnt aware of, nor the version thats in my emails. Does their service work? probably i wouldnt know...i could not wait any longer than 2 days to have my phone unlocked, i returned it to the seller and was never refunded. The time frames are different in this version...but who am i? im just an unsatisfied customer.

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05 March 2013

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Not quite what happened. Client purchased the unlock on Sunday. When we returned to the office on the Monday the IMEI was sent off for unlocking and the unlock was processed on the Tuesday at 4pm. At 3.30pm however on the Tuesday Ronald emailed in and asked for a refund as he was "waiting too long" (I didn't realise 24 hours was a long time, but the world has become an impatient place), we told him the unlock was in process and would be done in the next few minutes, we ran an IMEI check to which it came back as unlocked, informed the client, who then said he never wanted an unlock in the first place.

Not a case of feeding anyone's family Ronald, but once an unlock has been ordered we have to pay for it from our supplier, so you changing your mind mid-unlock is not reason for a refund - our Terms and Conditions explain this.

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