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BT=Bad Tools

I was with BT because i live in a new build property and although all the wiring was already in a had to pay a connection charge. Normally this is around £140 but BT wrote to me to say they would wave the charge if i connected for 12 months. I had free evening and weekend calls and believe i was on a 40gb normal broadband account. I rarely used the phone and every month my bill was around £50, I thought this was expensive but had to pay it because i was in contract. I am a Sky customer for tv and have been for a long time before i moved into my apartment. In the past i had NTL (now Virgin Media but a believe all the staff are the same with the ridiculously rude people at the main call centre in Wythenshaw, Gtr Manchester) due to that id made my mind up never to have combined services) Whenever i had a problem with BT i always contacted them by email because i learnt a long time ago a phonecall doesn't mean zip because you can ne accused of saying something and they can claim they told something they did not. The turn around time on emails was disgusting, you'll be lucky if you get a reply within 28 days but i still think its invaluable as you've got everything in writing. My latest deal with Sky was coming to an end just as BTs contract was also (if you're out of contract with Sky and ring disconnections for best price you'll always get 25%,50%,75% or 100% discount for terms of 6 or 12 months which doesn't lock tough into another contract so if anyone's a Sky customer out of contract ring disconnections for best deals. Make sure it is disconnections you speak to as normal customer service cannot offer you anything else Thames what's on the sky website.) Sky asked who was providing my telephone service and broadband and i told them it was BT and i was out of contract they offered me 12 months totally free line rental for 1 year and unlimited broadband along with free McAffee anti virus software for £7.50. I honestly thought this was to good to be true cause all they needed me to do is keep the service for 12 months as they were providing a new router for equipment. I took them up on the deal and the speed is exactly the same as BT yet mega cheaper. I thought at the end of the 12 months the line rental would be £25+ cause theyve gotta pay their much more expensive staff (Sky mostly use a Scottish call centre at the Ibrox and only use India for email complaints unlike BT who use India and Manilla for near enough 100% of all internet related calls, the only time you'll speak to someone English is sales and normal telephone relates customer service because its not likely that anybody would buy from specially an Indian call centre as its been exposed multiple times they illegally copy records to flash drives and sell them to brokers because the wages are that low. With payment details things become darker with credit/debit cards hammered constantly until the company shuts them down, also bank details along with other sensitive information like birthdays are used for credit fraud many time with the victim nite discovering until they apply for credit and get turned down or a credit management company starts ringing them up) at the end of the 12 months my Sky line rental costs £14.50 per month bit as usual i got a better deal from disconnections, as Sky tv and telephone line and broadband are separate products you can get 2 deals at a time. Bare in mind my average BT bill was £50 per month and then the sky was a separate bill the total outlay was just over £60 per month. My current Sky bill with everything combined rarely reaches above £30. If id known how good sky were i wouldve just paid them the connection fee because although BT 'claimed' their connection was free they more than made it back with their blatant rip offs. Another thing they nearly caught me out with was quarterly billing, i called them when i received no bill after being connected for 2 weeks as with all companies you need to pay for the services in advance, if i hadn't had done this and requested to change to monthly billing i wouldve most likely been landed with a huge bill i couldn't pay in full and I've no doubt BT wouldve been straight on to Experian to get a default applied to my records. Its beggars belief how BT are still trading when their service charges are not £2-£3 per month more expensive than their rivals but £10-£15 more and instantly trying to push you into trouble by having default billing set to quarterly. I can honestly say out of all the Family silver Thatcher sold the deregulation of telecoms is the only thing that's gone in favour of the customers because unlike gas/electric with companies collaborating to keep prices artificially high to the point you've gotta give your kids coats to wear at home cause central heating is to expensive. BTs core customers are dying out by the day anyway cause they're the elderly customers who've been with BT for life, many paying £6+ per month for rental of a telephone from 1992 that theyve had since it was brand new with a more up to date one or a more suitable one with large buttons from the Asda for around £5 one off payment and it belongs to them forever. BT have been taking advantage of these people since deregulation but with thousands dying each year and their only new customers are for infinity but like numerous people have commented they can't turn it on and keep it on and ti be honest my normal broadband with sky never runs lower than 16mbs and can and does go to 20mbs when all the offices have closed. I don't see what advantage there is to go any faster? I. watch most things over the internet and only kept Sky tv cause its dirt cheap and its got the recording facilty. I experience no lag at all so if someone whos clues up on techy stuff could enlighten me why id need to go faster than that id be vertically interested. Id never go with BT again even if they were charging less than Sky cause unlike Sky when you ring or email to end your contract (always request a read receipt with BT cause they'll deny ever receiving it until you tell them you can prove they not just got it but read it to) they won't offer any discount to stay, saying that even if they did it wouldn't have changed my mind. My advise is go with Sky, not only fantastic products at fantastic prices but the customer service is superb too with email being answered often on the same day, at the latest 48 hours so no need to wait in a queue although customer service is free for all sky talk customers or wait by the phone all day waiting for a call back that never comes. BT doesn't even deserve 1star......!


Pay your invoice!

The majority of complaints are from people with a shocking credit score based in their credit limits. Everyone kniws invoices come every 28 days, obviously they have access to the internet so if for some reason they dont recieve the invoice they can view online and pay or ring yp and pay. If you dont leave it till the last minute paymebt slips can be sent off or you.can pay with a debit.card, bank transfer or giro slip. Ive got a minimum amount direct debit set up so payment is always sent and top this up with debit.card payments online to avoid excessive interest payments. Theres no excuse at all to miss a payment and get a £12 penalty fee because judging from the majority of people complaining having a bad credit rating with low credit limits their minimum payment every 28 days will be between £10-£20max so no excuse at all. I was brought up to always pay my bills and i have. In the rare occasion i need to use my credit ill make a plan to pay off the balance in 2-4-6 months and if i cant afford to i wont get it. With credit accounts being closed without notice the only time this happens in when a customer has already ripped off and owes money from another catalogue under the JDWilliams umbrella so find it comical that someone is complaing for being caught out, why would anywhere givw credit to someone whos.already stolen off them? That would be ludicrous. Im sorry to hear of the minority genuine complaints amd the only advice id give is corrispond in writing only so theres a hard undisputable copy of whats been said, with the majority of complaints concerning peoples dishonesty and blatant fraud maybe you should spend more time paying bills than come up with ridiculous reasons why you didnt. If you didnt get paid from your job 1 month youd be on it straight away so maybe if you dont get an invoice one month you should treat it the same.

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