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Exactly what I wanted.

I would really rate this guys as a solid company. They have delievered on the promises that they set out when describing the base model.

With a few additions and subtractions here and there, I think I've designed and received a PC that I can be proud of. I decided early on that I wanted a PC but then soon realised I didn't have the patience or skill to make it 1) Ultra functional and 2) Nicely designed.

They do charge what seems a large amount, but considering that I checked each and every component, I managed to get the PC I wanted and it only cost me marginally more to have it professionally wired, delivered and optimised to what I wanted. It's fast, quiet and it looks beautiful. It's a powerful addition to my office and my gaming life. I feel that for the time being at least, this is a PC that will stand up to a lot of games in the coming years.

They kept me in the loop the entire time, and also called me the day before to personally tell me when it would arrive. That kept me feeling like I was in total control of my purchase.

My only regret is not spending a little more on a bigger PSU, this means that I currently can't add an additional GPU for more power. But that's a gripe that has nothing to do with their build and customer service. All of the website is laid out in a way which makes it easy for someone with basic computer knowledge to find and design their perfect PC. It also has enough information, pictures and other statistics that a more seasoned PC user will find helpful.

I would say that if you're like me, a long time PC user but don't want to stress and spend unnecessary amounts of time building a PC that ultimately won't look as good then this is the site for you. You can't really get a better made and cooler looking PC.


Concise, polite and knowledgeable!

I think that Kopi do a wonderful job at recommending new coffee to those who want to try the gourmet side of the coffee world. They send periodic emails detailing upcoming coffee, deals on discounted bags and other useful tidbits. They give a nice detailed pamphlet with their deliveries which is nice to read and can be read to completion while waiting for your coffee to brew. It's cheap enough to splurge a little extra each month while still feeling like you're a VIP coffee customer. Their deliveries have always come on time and have never disappointed me in either their packaging or quality of product.

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