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Im writing in reguards to talktalk do not go with them for broadband and calls I was quoted 24meg before order for fibre got the I get no where near and I wouldn't class 20meg as fibre but by the talktalk muppets anything over 12meg is fibre . I think there is a problem somewhere down the line but they refuse to look into it as usual and . im 0.2m away from exchange and most people round my area get 30 odd meg how come my line can only get up to 20meg so fibre suppose to be 4 times faster where at in my eyes . ive told them they get adsl prices for my fibre as its a crock of shit . I WOULD GIVE NO STARS IF I COULD because they never do nothing right


ordered but seem to take forever to recieve item

wouldnt recommend due to unacceptable for getting my order paid for and not even recieved it due to either shambles of a company or they just pussy footing around its the first order and the last if you want an item in a hurry do not order from these muppets .


one Greedy crap company like all the rest of the nonces

I hate this company with all this news of the profits they making and yet still putting bloody prices up and the manager director says we need to put prices up yeah right !!! to pay your bloody wages and the other cronnies . This is one greedy B******** of a company like all the rest and the poxy government cannot see it because they not in the real world . we looking after your world yous say more like other way round the customers are getting ripped off and they looking after your world . .

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