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Mr Shoes

Excellent service, good product wellinformed delivery details.

Surprised when given so much detail about the delivery that I could plan my day and know I would be in to receive the product. Good value for money combined with an excellrnt service.

Highland Titles

Anexcellent way to preserve the countryside.

An efficient and effective service which indulges the individual at the same time as preserving the natural beauty of the countryside.

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Optical Express

Laser surgery is an eye opener, eyes focus clearly again with the minimum of fuss.

A friend told me about his experience having eye surgery and from what he said the operation was painless. My eyes were deteriorating seriously and so I decided to take this major step to correct my vision. The experience was straightforward; a series of eye tests followed by the first operation. Everyone feels a little aprehensive before undergoing surgery but in this instance it commenced in an atmosphere of calm efficiency. Drops were placed in the eyes, you donned the appropriate garment for the operation answered a few questions and were given the medication ready for the interview with the aneathetist. A few more drops in your eyes, a meet with the surgeon to discuss the operation and you found yourself on the operating table. A cover was placed over the head with a cut out over the apprpriate eye. In ten minutes it was all over and I had felt nothing but water on my face. I was discharged with a series of drops and told that I could soon remove the bandage and I would find that the vision would be restored. A week later I had the operation on the other eye going through the same procedure . Within three weeks I my vision was completely restored and in subsequent check-ups my eyes have maintained 20/20 vision. Thank you Optical Express.

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