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Higher Nature

Fantastic Service & Fantastic Item!

Ive never taken any vitamin tablets for hair and nails, due to me being lazy and not knowing the benefits you actually get from these type of suppliments. I bite my nails quite often even when im not nervous, and I had dyed my hair which caused alot of breakage and shedding =( so obvioulsy I had to cut it in order to get it level, but every time I comb my hair there is so much hair everywhere. Searched the internet high and low for a suppliment which is natural and safe as there are so many items out there that are not good for you. So I found this!! haha!!! I have to admit, I havent been taking it for long, I would say this is my 2nd/going on 3rd week, but my little baby hairs above my forehead have appeared out of the blue. (they went missing as I had texturized my hair previously and it melted them away >=I but they are back, its like they just appeared over night, so Im well proud about that. I tried a strand of my hair and snapped it, its never had that strength before! Also the strength of my nails seem to be quite strong! I have to bite so hard if I wana chew my nail off... not only that, I can see some growth in my hair, not length wise, but from the roots. Also I have noticed that my skin feels so soft and moist. I know this is too soon to see any results, but I believe this is truely working for me, and if this is the results in nearly 3 weeks, then I would love to see the results in the next 2 months.

Dealing with the purchasing.... very easy, fast delivery, great communication, packaged very secure and safe.

I will definitly be back for another bottle, and I will see what else I can purchase off this site as I think there suppliments are apsolutely fantastic! Pure and natural, so you dont have to worry about what your putting in or on your body, feel safe as all ingredients are very clear to see on each product and is also benefiting you in some way or form.

If your thinking about buying Higher Nature Hair & Nails then give it a go, only thing I would say is timing it different for everyone, so just give it time and drink lots of water.

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