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I decided to try Magic Greens on the recommendation of a friend. Slim Express had the best price around so I ordered from there. The package arrived quickly but the contents were damaged. The next problem was that I couldn't get through to them on the phone, which I much prefer when I have a problem. It seems the office tends not to be manned in office hours. On the good side when I gave up and emailed them they answered promptly and sent me the replacement even handling the fact I needed it sent elsewhere. Overall fair service and I don't know whether the greens are truly magic or not yet.

I can see why they give neither a proper address or a phone number on the site; they don't care about giving good customer service.

I wanted to send my daughter flowers for her birthday and on the page it said in large print order today for delivery tomorrow. As I progressed the order I considered whether to pay extra for delivery at a certain time but paid no attention to the very small print delivery date as I assumed that unless you chose differently they would go the next day which was what I wanted. When they did not arrive I contacted them and they said that the arrangement was not available for another week.
I then checked back and could see that the very small print showed a week later as the first date to chose. Whilst I acknowledge that I made a mistake, I do not think it was surprising that I did so as they major throughout the site on next day courier delivery and ther was nothing other than the very small print to indicate otherwise.
The customer services is a joke as they did not answer any of my questions or give any response other than do you you want them delivered in a week's time or your money back. They could not give me a phone number to have a conversation with anyone as they are a "e coomerce company" they also do not appear to have an addres that I can write to.
If they had showed any interest at all such as suggesting a suitable alternative that could be delivered today or answered my question about how many things were not available for tomorow and why it was not labelled clearly on any item that is not readily available.
I had six attempts at getting them to show that they cared that I was unhappy and do something about it. When I asked if there was someone else I could communicate with I was simply told " I am sorry you have experienced such poor customer support" and received no reply at all when I asked what they would do about it.
This is a company that uses the internet as a wall to hide away from any real interaction with its customers. With a telephone call I could have established that they didn't care in five minutes; instead it punctuated my morning. I will never use them again and suggest you don't either. It's not things never going wrong that makes agood company; it's what you do when they do go wrong and in this case it is clearly nothing.
Very shortly after posting this I received a response, which explained that I should have seen the delivery date; perhaps they were right but I was focussed on the constant "order now for delivery tomorrow" which showed very clearly on the page for the flowers that I was ordering. If they had bothered to communicate better earlier I would not have made this post but their response does not really change my opinion of their customer service.

11 March 2013

Reply from

Dear Philippa,

Many thanks for providing feedback to us. However, on each product page on our website, it clearly shows the next available delivery date, and you choose that delivery date or another one in the future. At each step of the checkout, the delivery date for the order is also clearly displayed in the right-hand column. On the final order confirmation page, and in the order confirmation email that we send on every order we ask that you review your order, and contact us to make any changes, as long as they are done prior to dispatching the flowers.

This week is Mother's Day week in the UK. As such we are extremely busy and our Flower Emporium and staff are literally working around the clock to fulfill orders. We ship nearly 100,000 orders this week alone. During peak weeks, such as Mother's Day and Valentine's Day, as a company we have to limit our available product range from circa 300 flower products down to 25, simply to meet demand. The product you had chosen when placing your order on 4 March was one of those products that we cannot stock during Mother's Day week. We do take on board your criticism and will look at making this even clearer on the product page.

Your order was cancelled and refunded in full earlier today. I do apologize if you feel the communication was lacking, and we should clearly have offered a product that is available this week as an alternative product for expedited delivery. Clearly this did not happen and for which I am truly sorry.

Many thanks for caring enough to post this review, even though it was regarding an order that was cancelled, refunded and thus never dispatched, and your input is valuable to us as a company.

Many thanks.
Best Regards,

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