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Months and months of billing problems and they are still charging me even after I have left BT and cancelled my service.

Shocking service - blaming my new provider and completety unhelpful. I am so annoyed and appaled by their faulty service, I did have BT Vision, Internet and calls through them - the equipment did not work. The hub only provided wireless range of about 2 metres - you had to sit at the closest end of the sofa and if you dared move down the other end there was no chance. My walls definitely have no lead in them and there is no reason why the hub should not work in my small flat other than shoddy equipment. We constantly had problems with the TV remote not responding or having to re-boot the BT vision box because it was not working properly. On top of the equipment not working the billing was shocking. There were no variances in the internet charges nor the ohone - we never got any films or any extra services and the line rental was fixed price yet still they kept on increasing the prices. So every month we would call and tell them to put it back down. When we asked why this happened they said it was "to keep us in credit"!! So it is just taken from our account for them to accrue interest - they are taking it with out asking. They increased our bills for no charges - so effectively stolr from us - and every month we had to call and reduce the amount they took from us to match what we had actually been charged for. the amounts each month were fixed for phone TV and broadband - we never went over the usage on these yet every month they tried to take more from our account because we were not on fixed direct debit and they had convinced us to be on variable direct debit even though there was nothing extra to charge us for. I left them at the beginning of February and I am still fighting with them now because they have charged me for the whole of February and the whole of March. I have had enough and cannot believe that they can operate this way.

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