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I have just recieved my order of a Pulltex Pulltaps corkscrew as I am a restaurant waiter and it is an essential part of my work. However I am very disappointed with what I recieved, on the reciept of my order it says in writing that the product is 'brand new in original packaging' but when inspecting the corkscrew i noticed that there was multiple scratches on the lower part of the lever and that the metal inside the hollow lever was dirty and scuffed, firstly making me question how new this product actually was and second of all is this product even genuine? I made my decision to purchase from wineware because of its high reviews from this website and I am very disappointed with what I have recieved and I will be sending it back tomorrow as soon as possible and I will expect a replacement corkscrew that is actually 'brand new'.

11 March 2013

Reply from Wineware

Dear Mr Jarvis - Thanks for your review and apologies that you're disappointed with the corkscrew you received. Please note that we never have and never will offer second hand, used or non genuine products. What you have received is definitely a new and correct item and it should have been received in the sealed plastic case that it is presented in, which you will have realised after opening it, is fairly impossible to repack in the same manner. I can therefore only assume that you have unfortunately received a marked item that came straight from the factory and these are, impossible to check prior to sending out, because, as stated above, they are difficult to put back into the packaging satisfactorily. Whatever questions you've asked yourself I am sorry to dissappoint you in that the answers are all negative however I definitely take on board that you've sadly received an inferior product and we'll definitely exchange this for another one, if you so wish, once we receive the offending article back. We would obviously like this item back so that we can return it to the manufacturers with a copy of your comments. If you care to call me on 01903 786148 or email me on chris@wineware.co.uk I will inform you of our Freepost address so that there is no additional expenditure to yourself in returning the product. We WILL sort this out and I look forward to hearing from you in due course.
Kind regards and best wishes - Chris Wellman - Managing Director

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