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Sterling from my UK bank to Euros in my Spanish bank in one day - How brilliant is that!

As a villa owner in Spain, but resident in the UK, it's just been a painful, long winded process to transfer small sums (say £500) to my bank in Spain so that I can meet local running costs. It's cost me time to go to my UK bank, fill in forms, wait about a week for the money to arrive in Spain, and pay a minimum fee of £25.
Until I discovered HiFX.
Just made my first transfer of £500. I was able to set up all the bank details required for regular payments, so just entered the figures, checked the exchange rate (whiich was excellent), and clicked Send. The payment arrived the next working day, and it cost me a third of what it used to.
And I did that in just a couple of minutes on my laptop.
How Brilliant is that !!
Thoroughly recommend HiFX.
When I first set up my profile etc. I got a bit stuck so rang the Help Line. A very patient and friendly advisor expertly led me through the process, and made sure that I was happy and confident.
How Brilliant is that too !!
Well done HiFX.

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