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Appaling service by rude amateurs. Impossible to change goodybags/double-charged.

I wanted to change my goodybag from £10 to £12. Apparently, you can't do that until your current goodybag expires (they hope you forget). So, I waited patiently until month end, cancelled my previous gooodybag (the £10 one) and set it to non-recurring.

On 1 March, I wanted to buy a new goodybag. But no! For three days, 1-3 March, the website did not allow me to buy ANY goodybag, instead prompting me to top up pay-as-you-go, which of course is more expensive.

I had to top up pay-as-you-go since I had no other choice. They duly charged me £10 for top-up PLUS charged me another £10 for the goodybag which I had already cancelled (remember, I set it to non-recurring - yet, they recurred it).

I e-mailed them and they said that they had only charged me for the top-up but my bank statement clearly shows two sets of charges.

There are constant issues with changing/recurring goodybags; connection drops all the time; they double-charge you. And, importantly, they have no customer service department or even a phone number where you can call and shout at them! You have to communicate by e-mail and wait for the reply in 24 hours - while being cut off service (!!!)

Agents are rude and common. NO ONE EVER says 'sorry'. You can complain all you want and they will say 'Cheers for writing' instead of 'Sorry for the inconvenience'. Oh, they will call you 'mate' as well.

If you have credit and go abroad, all your credit will disappear no matter how much money you will have there. You may not even use the Internet abroad or make calls - they will duly send you a statement that you DID browse and call abroad and that's, supposedly, why you have been charged.

If you have 1GB Internet allowance, they will often accelerate the usage artificially, so you may sit the whole weekend at home and only use WiFI on your phone - Monday morning, they will show you that you spent 200Mb over the weekend.

I signed up because I thought they were cheap, providing the same level of service as everyone else - that's what I call 'value for money'. I have found that they are just cheap (well, if you add up all the tricks they play on you, not any more) but they do not provide any value for money.

I have decided to leave them and I am now ready to pay a bit more but actually receive real service - with a customer service department, real polite people to talk to, itemised and accurate billing etc - and peace of mind. Tesco appears to be a decent alternative - they run on O2 as well.

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