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Awful dreadful service!

We had a Toshiba laptop which was only 3 weeks old when it was working slow then the hard drive failed on it. As it was covered by the 28 day policy we took it back and they exchanged it on the spot for a similar Toshiba laptop. Great! That was until 8 weeks later when this laptop started running slowly, Toshiba tech support confirmed another hard drive failure. Took the laptop to our local PC World - the Knowhow guy said ok we'll send it off for repair and it will come back next week. A week went buy then we got an answer machine message saying the laptop was back but hadn't been repaired as there was liquid damage to the hard drive and this wasn't covered by the warranty. Went to the store and all we were given was the laptop and a patronising letter saying we are sorry we have not been able to repair your product, thanks for using Knowhow, please visit our website..... A bit difficult when the laptop is broken!! The staff at PC World were totally unhelpful and didn't give a reason why they didn't examine it and contact us by phone. It may not be covered by warranty but it still needs fixing?! I was so annoyed I contacted Knowhow customer service to complain, the guy said sorry you should've received a service report stating what was wrong with it. So I asked him why the repair centre wouldn't contact us and tell us whether the laptop could be repaired at a charge and he couldn't answer. He said he would email the tech team to ask them to send out a service report and contact me to see if the laptop could be repaired under their Fault & Fix service. I said why didn't they do that in the first place? Anyway I never heard back from the advisor, never received the service documents from Knowhow and if I ever need a laptop in the future, I will not be shopping at PC World or buying any warranties! Total incompetent and rubbish service!

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