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My Itchy Dog

I love this site

I bought my dogs a spray fro going to the parks in summer it really works as i bought it last year and my big golden retriever was great with it no scratching or scabby skin or flaky skin with it so brushing him is great with it and now i use it on my 18 month old Cocker Spaniel who is into everything that moves over the parks so it is helping him as well as they still get the one spot on them also but i still love the spray for mites, ticks, fleas or flies


Thank you for the courteous service you have provided for me with all my order's and the prompt delivery of the orders was amazing for me and the condition the goods were in i was so delighted with them so i have been ordering some more things form you and i must admit i have told some of my friends and they have now been ordering from you so i am so glad i found this website by chance


I love the Oak Furniture

I can only say a big thank you for the courteous service that we had at your Birkenshaw Shop and the prompt delivery of the furniture which we ordered and the safe way the furniture was packed i will be shopping there again for sure so thank you so much .. May Johnston Mrs

Pet Supermarket

It is a great website if people who have a lovely pets

I found this website by mistake and now i go onto it i need anything for my lovely dogs and i find it so easy to find what i want and their courteous service is on of the best ones that i have found and the quick response of posting my order is fantastic so if you want to buy something for your pets please use this one as it is amazing thanks again for letting me buy the dogs Christmas presents

Peak Nutrition

Im so glad i found this

I have only been taking these for the past two weeks and i can honestly say that i am finding a big difference in my hair so i will keep taking them as requested and i will certainly keep it up so thanks again for the courteous service you provided and the prompt delivery of the goods so thanks again

Holistic shop is so wonderful

I love shopping on Holistic Shop they have all that i need for my Reiki and my Cards and crystals that i use also the music i love i do not have to go to any other site except Holistic Shop so thanks for being there for me it is much appreciated and the Angels always guide me back love, light and blessings to all that work in the Holistic Shop


It was great to shop at GJW Tiimuss

I can only thank you for the courteous service you provided for me but unfortunately i ordered the wrong size i have returned it and it should be back with you today

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