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Painless shopping

We love this. Too many hours spent trailing round supermarkets with unhappy children have been replaced by 10 minutes of mad activity when the order arrives. After 6 months of deliveries we've only ever had one substitution and the drivers couldn't be more helpful. They walk all the way to our front door carrying quite heavy things and, if they can deliver early, they ring to ask first. The food is always incredibly fresh, having not sat around on shelves in supermarkets but instead coming straight from the distribution centre. The website is also good, allowing changes to orders and making sensible suggestions about things you usually buy. The current free delivery makes it even better.


Yummy coffee straight to your door

I don't drink much coffee, but I do like a really decent cup on a Sunday morning, so being sent fresh and gorgeous ground coffee right to my door is heavenly. The smell as you open the (resealable) packet is glorious and the tasting notes about where each type of coffee comes from make it interesting as well. There are emailed updates letting you know when the next batch will arrive and the customer service people are pretty helpful when issues do arise. All in all, a really good system for getting a lovely cup of coffee.

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