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Generally useless anytime ive ever had an experience with them

I wouldnt even give them 1 star they fall well into negative stars like -3 or -4 but thats not an option.
Ive had 3 experiences with parcel farce as follows
1 someone sent me something using parcel force and it dissapered from the face of the earth a genuine mulder and scully case cost me £70 from ebay but its ok they gave £1.50 worth of stamps the next time i want to use their useless service.
2 I sent something to a freind nothing to expensive and guess what that also just vanished without a trace no explanantion but defo wasnt nicked or anything they have systems in place you know!! (sponteneosly combusted, abducted by aliens, fell from the van into the abyss)
3 some one sent something to me and despite me asking not to use royal mail / parcel force they ignored my request and went for the cheap option, 8 days later still not arrived the item was 20 miles away the closest depot to me is 8 miles away but still no explanation pretty much just told me it will be there when its there!!!!

What i dont get is how parcels just go missing they have an address on it??? anything with an address on it pretty much never gets lost thats why you have dog collars or if found please return to..... they always come back the only time they dont is when someone picks it up and dosent send it off so in my opinion somebody must have it somewhere and if they are hldng it when it dosent belong to them then they have stolen it surly???

in short never ever ever use parcel force to send anythng if your using ebay it might be cheaper but if it does get lost youll end up paying someone back for an item they bought but never recieved for using an inferior postal company.

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