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We Buy Books

They Don't Buy My Books

I have just entered the ISBN numbers of about 70 books, a mix of hardbacks, paperbacks, novels, reference and travel. Only one title was accepted for the grand sum of 25p. Luckily I didn't have to enter the ISBNs manually as I had scanned them and uploaded the numbers in bulk but it seems hardly worth the effort. Maybe I'll have more luck with CDs and DVDs but I shan't be wasting my time trying to sell books - they'll be going to Oxfam instead.


Just appalling

All I want from this company is to do what they say they'll do. I want them to repay some money for overpaid line rental which they have agreed to do but simply won't make the repayment. Whenever I phone I try to speak to a supervisor but can't get past the front line people who are always polite and full of apologies and always tell me someone will phone back in 24-48 hours. They never do. This has been going on for three months.

What amounts to a simple transaction on their part has resulted in hours of wasted time simply trying to talk to someone who will actually do what they say they'll do. I have now written a formal complaint to their customer services director requiring my repayment to be made immediately and also claiming compensation for all the wasted time on the phone to them. Next step is the ombudsman.

Come on BT. Surely you can do better than this. Just look at all the bad reviews on this site. That should give you a clue that you've clearly got a broken business model but you seem to be doing absolutely nothing to fix it.

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It's How They Put Things Right That Counts

I received a faulty ink cartridge from this company. I was reading all the bad reviews on this site while I was waiting for them to answer the phone and psyching myself up for a battle with them. However...when they answered I immediately received an unprompted and genuine sounding apology (from Edward) for keeping me waiting together with an explanation as to why I had had to wait. He offered to send me a replacement cartridge which arrived two days later.

Unfortunately the replacement cartridge was also faulty so I phoned again (this time speaking to David) who told me they had discovered a fault with a batch of cartridges and again offered an immediate replacement. The replacement arrived today and is fine.

I think organisations should be judged by how how they put things right and this company did exactly the right things. They are clearly committed to customer service given that they take the time to reply to negative reviews on this site. They seem to have a few operational issues so I can't give them 5 stars but I would definitely use them again. My thanks to you guys - especially Edward and David.

The Tapas Lunch Company


I've used this company before and it has always provided an excellent speedy service with products being delivered in an ice-packed box to keep them fresh. How cool is that? (Very cool actually!).
This time I also made a suggestion for a product to be stocked and got a personal email back within an hour or two saying that they would look to source the product and add it to their web site.
All in all this is exactly what an internet service should be. Polite, efficient, responsive, personal and, of course, cool.

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