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Don't go with Vivagogo

I was hesitant to use Viagogo when I realized it was a site for ticket scalpers, but it was PayPal certified. So, I purchased tickets for a soccer game in France as a gift for my son's first overseas trip. He really wanted to see a game in Europe. Since our time was limited, I specifically chose a game on a date I knew we'd be able to attend. I paid three times the sticker price for the tickets, but wanted to make sure we had good seats. When the tickets arrived they were for a different date and at a time when we would be on our way back to the States. I immediately notified Viagogo and have had numerous email exchanges with about the bait and switch. Because the company does not have a working phone number or direct email, it is impossible to actually have a conversation with a representative of the company. I just keep getting stock email answers back with no option for a dialogue. At no time was I notified by either the seller or Viagogo that the date of the game had changed, Nor was the correct date for the game changed on the listing until 2 days before the game - after I filed my complaint. By that time I was stuck with 3 useless tickets and terribly disappointed son. Its unlikely we will be overseas again anytime soon. So, when I tried to re-sell them on the site, Viagogo denied the listing because there was insufficient time. You can be sure Viagogo got a hefty cut of my losses - they take a fee from both the seller and the buyer. I am also very surprised that PayPal endorses this company especially in light of the numerous blogs and websites with negative reviews of Viagogo.

8/3/13: Reply to Viagogo:

Of course Viagogo can't control when event dates are changed. However, I purchased tickets for a specific date and the seller sent me tickets for a different date. Neither the seller nor Viagogo notified me the date changed. Nor did the Viagogo website or packing slip with the tickets indicate a change in date. Neither of you warned me or gave me the opportunity to back out of the transaction. This is a breach of contract. If I ordered and paid for a toaster oven, and Amazon sent me an iron with a packing slip that said toaster oven, they would honorably correct the situation. I understand the seller sends tickets to Viagogo who packs and ships them. A reputable business would ensure that the buyer was getting what they ordered or would notify the buyer if there was a substitution being sent.

Viagogo's reply states they do everything they can to inform the customer of changes in events, yet they did nothing in this case. If Viagogo truly cared about the "inconvenience" it apologizes for, it would accept responsibility for sending me the wrong product and ruining my son's vacation.

18/3/13 Update:

I received a phone message from Viagogo that they were looking into my situation with management. That was on 10 March. I have not heard back. I tried calling the number displayed on caller ID the company does not accept land line calls and I do not have an international plan for my cell phone. I wish the company would update me on my request. Thank you.

10/3/13 Update:

I received another phone message from Viagogo that they were looking into my situation. That was over 2 weeks ago, and still no contact back. I don't believe the company is interested in customer service. I've yet to speak with an actual person.

08 March 2013

Reply from Viagogo

Hi Sandra,

We sincerely apologize for the problems you experienced with our customer service. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our customer services, in particular peak volume times for live events.

viagogo is an online ticket marketplace that enables people to buy and sell tickets to live events. We are not the event organizers, so while we do everything we can to keep our customers informed of changes to event dates and times, occasionally we are not aware that a change has occurred.

We apologize apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

The viagogo team!

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