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Entrega sin problemas

Todo el proceso del pedido y entrega del producto ha ido bien.

New Health Care

Completely hassle-free process!

I got the items I'd ordered without delay and without any hassles. Clear communication throughout the process. This is the second order I've placed with New Health Care. Based on my experience I'd certainly recommend their services.


Good online shopping experience

I had to call in my order because I had a problem paying online. Apart from that, everything went smoothly. I haven't tried the tea yet.

Suttons Seeds

Got my seeds-- looking forward to planting them!

I ordered some jalapeño and tomatillo seeds from them. My order was confirmed and delivered a couple of weeks later in Spain without any problems.

More recently I placed a second order. Again the seeds were delivered promptly. Based on my experience, Sutton seems to be a serious, reliable company.

Dragonfly Teas

Tasty product, good service

My order was confirmed promptly and delivered to me in Spain in less than a week. The Teeccino I ordered is as tasty a coffee substitute as you're likely to find.

I'm having a cup of the English breakfast tea right now. It definitely leaves the usual PG Tips in the dust.


Got my money back from Go Sports Spex

Always reliable in my experience. They got my money back for me when I ordered some swim goggles that were never delivered. If I'd paid by credit card, I suppose that wouldn't have happended.

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Item received without delay

In my case the order I placed (for a JD Bug scooter) was confirmed promptly and the item was delivered in less than a week (to Spain). So I have no cause for complaint.


No problems

I ordered some eartips from them. My order was confirmed promptly and I received the product without any problems or delay.


Good communication + prompt service

I received very prompt responses to a few questions I asked before placing my order. The shoes were shipped and delivered very quickly (to Spain).


So far, so good

I did a Google search after ordering some swim goggles and running into problems. (The company I ordered from didn't confirm my order or answer their phone when I tried to call them. Neither was I able to reach them by Skype or e-mail.)

My search led me to, where I found several reviews from people who'd had similar experiences with the company I was dealing with. If I'd known about Trust Pilot before ordering my goggles, I could have avoided the hassle.

In short, my experience so far has been positive, and I think the site performs a valuable function.


The model that all online businesses should aspire to!

I've placed many orders with and can't remember ever having a problem. The system they have for ordering used books from other suppliers (with clear information about user feedback) is great.

Prescription Swimming-goggles

Everything went smoothly

My order was confirmed promptly and I received my goggles eight days after placing the order (delivered in Spain). I would definitely be happy to do business with this company again.


Great service

The item I ordered was shipped promptly. Communication was clear throughout the process, and when I requested an invoice with my Spanish VAT number, I got what I needed in about 15 minutes. Exactly the kind or service you want when you buy something online!


No complaints

I've ordered items from them several times over the last few years. I've always found that the items were delivered promptly and in good condition. No cause for complaint in my experience! found this review useful


Poor communication + product not received

18 November: Alarmingly I have received no confirmation of my order placed on 4 November. Neither have I received a response to an e-mail requesting confirmation. I have also tried repeatedly to contact the seller by phone and Skype: no one answers. As things stand I would warn people off this company.

19 November: Since posting my initial review above and making a claim via PayPal, I have received an answer to my e-mail query to the company. They say they did not get the prescription details when I placed the order and that they will now send the goggles ASAP. I will update this review again if/when I receive the goggles.

For the record, I ordered a pair of swim goggles from the same site about two years ago and in that case I didn't have any problems with the order.

3 December: PayPal refunded my money, so I presume that they didn't receive a satisfactory answer from these people either. I haven't received the goggles or heard anything more from them since I sent my prescription details on 19 November.

12 December: In the end I gave up on this company and ordered my swim goggles from another site.

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I'm a freelance translator living in Spain. I make quite a few purchases online to get exactly what I'm looking for at a good price. I'm Canadian but I've been living in Spain since 1989.