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Great idea, great service

Can't really fault them, after several years membership everything is as expected.


Good quality hosting site

Expensive when you consifer flicker is free but they give a more professional service and if you are directing clients here to see their pictures it looks much better.


Geat website but they pester you with phone calls

Yep had phone on the website but they phone from you at at the drop of a hat which is very annoying.


Expensive but OK service

Generally they are very expensive when compared to places like Amazon, however you get what you pay for and they have time to go over products with you and let you try them in the shop. After sales can be pure and difficult to solve small problems.


Generally excellent

It can can get a bad reputation but that tends to be from non members or new members who haven't figured out how it works in terms of who to trust and how to bid and what to expect. ebay do tend to overhype the service and give users unresonable expectations of pricing.


Very bad experience

It would take several pages to explain! But basically if you want to return anything they will make it very difficult for you hoping you will give up. After i returned an item they actually sent it out to me again, then i returned it again and it got damaged in their distribution centre so they sent me another one! took over three months to sort it out. Anyone who want to hear the whole increadable story get in touch!


Good Service

but havn't really tried anyone else to compare, no problems though


Can be expensive buy usually good service

Last flight was a chartered flight and can't really fault the service, having said that most airlines are just as good.


Not bad considering

Only had one bad experience with them and it was due to a newbie sales person, generally find they give very god advice and seem to have local knowlage about the destinations.


Pretty much buy everything here

Very rarely have i found an item cheaper than it is on Amazon, and the fact you can return items easily means you don't need to worry about the item not doing what its supposed to.


Good experience so far

Good experience so far - stil keep you waiting in a que when you phone, but don't they all.


Not offical Nikon Product

This company sellers through Amazon. I bought a Nikon MH-23 Charger (through Amazon), but when it arrived it came in a polythene bag with no Nikon packaging, no manual and no warranty. The Nikon logo printed on the charger looks different from the charger I already have - the letters are more spaced out, also the hologram says "glo" and not "Nikon" like on my other Nikon equipment. According to Nikons website they do not sell products with no packaging or warranties and suggest any items that don't come with a warranty are either Grey Imports or fakes.

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